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Fleck, Jeffrey Executive Director Extension 52421
Miller, Terasa Chief Operating Officer / Deputy Director Extension 52405
Legato, Jeaneen Contract Board Legal Counsel Extension 52409
Galloway, John Chief Financial Officer Extension 52426
Woodson, Ken Board Actuary Extension 52465
Administration Support Staff
Butcher, Nancy Executive Assistant Extension 52400
Miller, Alysia Paralegal Extension 52492
Perry, Haley Actuarial Analyst Extension 52442
Wright, Virginia A.S.A. III Extension 52487

Administrative Services

Adkins, Cindy Office Manager Extension 52453
Eddy, Tina Administrative Assistant Extension 52427
Hawkins Amber Administrative Assistant Extension 52444
Hoover, Leah Receptionist Extension 52510
Patrick, Rajahnea Administrative Assistant Extension 52531
Scarbro, Jennifer Receptionist, Retirement Advising Appointment Scheduler Extension 52401


Russell, Pamela Outreach Officer Extension 52488


Abraham, Timothy Chief Compliance Officer Extension 52519
Baker, Tina Internal Auditor Extension 52509

Deaths - Refunds

Whittaker, Sharon Death Claims & Refunds Manager Extension 52449
Hudnall, Joshua Death Claims & Refunds Assistant Manager Extension 52528
Davis, Rachelle Member/Retiree Death Claims Extention 52459
Knapp, Ashley Member Refunds Extension 52468
May, Jenny Member / Retiree Death Claims / RMD Extension 52446
McCormick, Kimberly Member / Retiree Death Claims / RMD Extension 52458
Stowers, Sherry Member Refunds Extension 52529
Strickland, Paige Death Claims & Refunds Administrative Services Assistant Extension 52476
Wolfe, Steve Member Refunds / Rollover Distributions Extension 52474

Employer Reporting Services

Brady, Caroline Employer Reporting Services Manager Extension 52438
Barr, Chris Employer Reporting Services Assistant Manager Extension 52412
Belcher, Jennifer Employer Services Specialist (Balancing, Invoicing, Error/Edit Correction) Extension 52470
Fox, Kinsey Employer Services Coordinator (Balancing, Invoicing, Error/Edit Correction) Extension 52445
Goff, Ginger Employer Services Specialist (Report Submittal, Error/Edit Correction) Extension 52461
Holbert, Jennifer Employer Services Coordinator (Report Submittal, Error/Edit Correction) Extension 52460
Scarberry, Lisa Employer Services Coordinator (Employer Support, Error/Edit Correction) Extension 52518
Young, Debra Employer Services Coordinator (Report Submittal, Error/Edit Correction) Extension 52527

Financial Services - Accounting, Deposits and Invoicing

Cottrill, Lori Accounting Manager Extension 52443
Batman, Tracy Accountant / Auditor Extension 52408
Ciarochi, Michael Financial Reporting Specialist III Extension 52436


Sutton, Vicki Membership Manager Extension 52428
Youngblood, Stefanie Membership Assistant Manager Extension 52418
Cain, Jessica PERS and Uniformed Services Statements of Contributions and Interest Extension 52431
Drake, Heather PERS and Uniformed Services Statements of Contributions and Interest Extension 52434
Hickman, John Pre-Retirement Beneficiary Designations Extension 52462
Howard, Marcia Pre-Retirement Beneficiary Designations (all plans), TRS Service Verifications Extension 52424
Huffman, Brittani TRS Contribution and Service Verifications, DSRS and TRS Loans Extension 52433
Jarrell, Judy TRS Contributions and Service Verifications / Member Name & Address account updates Extension 52437
Poe, Sara Service Purchases / Out-of-state, Reciprocal, Workers Comp. and Military Service Extension 52457
Sayre, Lori TRS Statements of Contributions and Interest
Extension 52441
Shanklin, Nora Pre-Retirement Beneficiary Designations (all plans), DSRS and TRS Loans Extension 52430
Smith, Brittany TRS Service Purchases, Out of State, Reciprocal, Worker's Comp. and Military Service Extension 52450


Trump, Lisa Retiree Services and Annuity Payroll Manager Extension 52413
White, Tammy Retiree Services and Annuity Payroll Assistant Manager Extension 52435
Annuity Disbursement
Boggess, Chris Annuity Payroll Supervisor (Account Changes/1099/Income Verif. /Stop Payments) Extension 52403
Barron, Raymond Annuity Payroll, Payment related issues Extension 52482
Derrick, Amber Annuity Payroll, Payment related issues Extension 52533
Gunnoe, Ashley Annuity Payroll, Payment related issues Extension 52432
Retirement Advisors
Young, Leslie Senior PERS Retirement Advisor Extension 52425
Crowder, Elizabeth PERS Retirement Advisor Extension 52423
Fields, Megan PERS Retirement Advisor Extension 52439
James, Brittney PERS Retirement Advisor Extension 52473
Russell, Pamela PERS Disability Advisor Extension 52488
Potter, Hannah Senior TRS Retirement Advisor Extension 52511
Cooper, Alyssa TRS Retirement Advisor Extension 52471
Huff, Jamie TRS Retirement Advisor Extension 52515
Kerns, Kevin TRS Retirement Advisor Extension 52477
Morris, Dan TRS Retirement Advisor (Qualified Domestic Relations Orders - All Plans) Extension 52448
Williams, Missy TRS Retirement Advisor (Regular and Disability Retirement) Extension 52503
Booher, Jonathan Uniformed Services Retirement Advisor Extension 52463
Retiree Services Support
Harvey, Laura TRS Retirement Triage Extension 52429
Hunt, Tamera PERS Retirement Triage Extension 52454

Teachers' Defined Contribution Retirement System (TDC)

Van Horn, Paula TDC Plan Manager / TPA Liaison / Deaths / QDRO's / LTHS Extension 52417
McCallister, Bill Payroll & Disability Coordinator Extension 52416
Sheff, Robert Retirement Advisor Extension 52402
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