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The CPRB is currently open

The CPRB is currently open but there is no public access to the building. A drop box has been installed at our front door so that you may drop off documents at your convenience. The CPRB is committed to continuing to meet our mission of "Serving Those Who Serve West Virginia" during this difficult time. If you need to contact us, please call 304-558-3570 or 1-800-654-4406. An integral part of our agency policies is to return phone calls in a timely manner. Due to the pandemic measures many of our employees are working from home; nonetheless, they will still honor this policy and call you from their personal phones to fulfill their duties. These phone calls might be blocked by the caller ID of your provider or deemed "unknown caller". Please take that in account if you are expecting a call from our agency. You may also e-mail us at to contact our representatives.

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