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WVCPRB Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

Effective Date of this Notice: June 1, 2020

  1. The West Virginia Consolidated Public Retirement Board (the "WVCPRB") is committed to responsible practices of collecting and using information. When you access or use WVCPRB's website, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined below. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use this website. Because WVCPRB may change its Privacy Policy and Disclaimer at times, your use of this website is subject to the most current policy version. Therefore, you may want to check the policy periodically
  2. WVCPRB has a responsibility to protect its computing resources. If WVCPRB suspects an attempt is being made through the Internet to break into or otherwise abuse its computer systems or business information, WVCPRB will use the information in its computer logs, in addition to other means available, to determine those responsible. As part of these legal efforts, WVCPRB may share the information it gathers with law enforcement agencies or other authorized entities.
  3. WVCPRB employees are trained professionals who take your privacy and information security concerns seriously. Your data will only be used for business purposes to the extent necessary to fulfill your needs. WVCPRB constantly reviews its computer security practices and logs, making changes as needed to ensure your data is always appropriately protected. Accordingly, WVCPRB:

    a) Uses Secure Sockets Layer ("SSL") protocol to safeguard and encrypt your sensitive personal information, including your social security number, during online transactions. SSL protocol is the standard technology to keep an internet connection secure and safeguard any sensitive data that is being sent between two systems, preventing criminals from reading and modifying any information transferred. Using this widely accepted form of SSL encryption secures your transaction from your personal computing device to the WVCPRB or state's computer or technology processing your request.

    b) Locates its computers and information systems behind a secure firewall to protect them from outside threats.

    c) Complies with applicable data and privacy standards.

Terms and Conditions
Collection and Uses of Personal Information

  1. WVCPRB collects information you choose to give WVCPRB, such as your email or physical mailing address. The information WVCPRB collects may be combined with information obtained from other state agencies or organizations' websites and services. Any business you conduct with WVCPRB may be subject to additional notice requirements, which will be provided to you in such cases.
  2. WVCPRB uses the personal information you provide to WVCPRB for purposes that match the reasons you provide it or for other uses and disclosures that are reasonably anticipated based on the circumstances. WVCPRB may share your information other state and federal agencies in addition to others with whom WVCPRB has contracted to provide services or as required by law.
  3. If you are submitting a message to WVCPRB that requires a response, you may need to provide some specific, personal information. This information can include your full name, Social Security number, or your home address. Please do not send any confidential or personal information in a regular email. Instead, please call WVCPRB at 1-800-654-4406 or 304-558-3570.


  1. The WVCPRB website uses electronic "cookies" and other technologies to collect and temporarily store various types of information about users. The information from cookies is used, for example, to monitor website traffic patterns and collect aggregate, anonymous data about website usage, among other purposes. This non-personal information may be shared to help WVCPRB improve its website and provide better service. WVCPRB does not use cookies to collect, store, or share personal information.
  2. WVCPRB's interactive programs use cookies to track the information you input into the program. This non-personal information can include your browser type, operating type, and webpages visited. The cookie allows the programs to operate correctly.
  3. These cookies do not contain confidential or personally identifiable information that other sites or persons can use in any way.

Your Rights and Choices

  1. You have the right to review the personal information you provide to WVCPRB and to fix or update that information if it is wrong or outdated.
  2. If you have consented to an electronic exchange of information with WVCPRB, you may cancel that consent by following the instructions in the email you receive.
  3. If you have subscribed to any of WVCPRB's websites, you may choose to be removed at any time.


  1. The WVCPRB website and computer systems are for legal and authorized use only. Unauthorized access, attempted access, or use of this or any related system is a violation of state and/or applicable federal law and may be subject to prosecution.
  2. All activity on WVCPRB systems is subject to monitoring and recording by authorized support security personnel at the discretion of WVCPRB management.

Solicitation by WVCPRB

  1. Phishing attacks are a means used by hackers pretending to be WVCPRB or another authorized entity to try and trick and deceive you to disclose your Social Security number, password, or other confidential information. WVCPRB will never solicit this kind of information from you via email or by phone calls not initiated by you.
  2. WVCPRB recommends that you never provide the following information to anyone via email or when receiving an unsolicited phone call:

    a) User ID;
    b) Password;
    c) Social Security number;
    d) Any account number information;
    e) Credit card or other personal financial information; or
    f) Personal health or other identifying information.

  3. If in doubt about an email or unsolicited phone call coming from WVCPRB or an organization claiming to be associated with WVCPRB, please call WVCRPB at 1-800-654-4406 or 304-558-3570.

General Disclaimer

  1. The information WVCPRB provides on its website is made available for the convenient access of WVCPRB members and other interested parties.
  2. WVCPRB makes every attempt to ensure the information provided is reliable. However, human or mechanical error remains a possibility. Therefore, WVCPRB does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, or correct sequencing of information and will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions, or for the use of, or results obtained from the use of the information. This applies to websites hyperlinked to and from the WVCPRB website. In addition, WVCPRB can make no claims of accuracy or integrity of third-party websites even if WVCPRB webpages contain a link to their websites.

Account Aggregator Disclaimer

  1. Several companies and websites offer a service that enables you to view, access, and manage your personal electronic accounts across thousands of institutions and service providers with one password. This collection and viewing of data from a single source is known as "account aggregation."
  2. For an account aggregator to consolidate your WVCPRB account information with other outside sources, they require you to give them your WVCPRB User ID and the password that you use to access your WVCPRB online account. They will then use this information to access WVCPRB systems and collect your WVCPRB account data on your behalf.
  3. Please be aware that WVCPRB does not have a relationship with any third-party provider of account aggregation services and does not endorse any provider of aggregation services. When you use an account aggregator, you are not using WVCPRB services to access your account details. As such, WVCPRB cannot guarantee the security and privacy of any confidential information that you provide to those service providers, nor can WVCPRB take responsibility for unauthorized transactions that may arise as a result of you disclosing your User ID and password to other parties.
  4. Prior to enrolling in any such service, WVCPRB recommends that you carefully read their privacy policy and any disclosures related to that service. If you are concerned about how an account aggregator might be using your password, you can change your password at any time in your WVCPRB online account.

Additional Information

  1. As a state agency, WVCPRB may have to provide information you give WVCPRB to law enforcement or other organizations if we receive a subpoena, court order, Freedom of Information Act request, or other legally binding request and no other law protects your information from such release.
  2. WVCPRB will not collect personal information from a minor without a parent's or guardian's consent.
  3. Please visit the West Virginia Office of Technology's website ( or the West Virginia Attorney General Office's website ( for more information regarding how to protect your personal information online.

Right to Change this Notice

  1. WVCPRB reserves the right to change its privacy practices as described in this notice at any time. WVCPRB reserves the right to apply these changes to any personal information that it already has, as well as to information it receives in the future.
  2. Before WVCPRB makes any change in the privacy practices described in this notice, WVCPRB will write a new notice including any change. The new notice will include an effective date

Who to Contact

  1. If you have any questions regarding the privacy and security of your records, please contact the WVCPRB Privacy Officer by:

    a) Calling 1-800-654-4406 or 304-558-3570;
    b) Emailing; or
    c) Sending mail to the attention of the Privacy Officer, West Virginia Consolidated Public Retirement Board, 601 57th Street SE, Suite 5, Charleston, WV 25304.

  2. If you would like more information on WVCPRB's privacy requirements and practices, please visit the West Virginia State Privacy Office by:

    a) Visiting its website (;
    b) Calling 304-766-2646; or
    c) Sending mail to the West Virginia State Privacy Office, 1124 Smith Street, Suite 4300, Charleston, WV 25311.


Effective Date: June 1, 2020

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