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The PERS Retirement Benefit Calculator can be used to estimate your monthly retirement benefit for selected dates based on service and salary information you enter. The calculator is ONLY an estimate of your benefit. Actual benefits will be calculated and verified by PERS staff when you retire.

When using this calculator you will need to provide certain information (hint: you might want to refer to your most recent annual PERS retirement statement). It is important to note that this estimate is only as accurate as the information provided.

Please read the following agreement:
Benefit Calculator Agreement
By entering this interactive retirement calculator, I acknowledge and agree that:
1). This calculator merely provides an ESTIMATE of retirement benefits;
2). Public Employees Retirement System has no liability or obligation, either legal or equitable, to pay any amount as a result of using this calculator;
3). This ESTIMATE calculation, future salary, and years of service credit, is not to be construed in any way as a promise or contract with PERS to pay the amount calculated, or any other amount; and
4). In order to obtain a retirement packet, I must contact PERS to obtain a formal Retirement Benefit Estimate completed by a PERS Retirement Advisor approximately six months prior to my anticipated date of retirement.
All final retirement benefits shall be determined by a PERS Retirement Advisor in accordance with the laws in effect at the time of retirement. Therefore, before making any final decisions concerning my benefits, I will contact the WV CPRB's PERS staff.
 I have read and understand the agreement.