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(Current Annuity Recipients Only)

Please be aware that the West Virginia State Auditor's "MyApps" application is no longer available for retirees to review electronic notice of deposits. CPRB is now providing a new application for annuity recipients called "Retiree Self Service". CPRB Retiree Self Service (RSS) went live on March 18, 2016. If a retiree is interested in accessing historical payment information prior to that date, you will need to access the "MyApps" application from the WV State Auditor's website.

CPRB's new online Retiree Self Service tools are accessible via the Retiree Self Service Portal. You may also access the RSS Portal by clicking the "Retirees" pull-down menu above. Current retirees can register on the RSS portal to access account information only after receipt of their first annuity Direct Deposit. The RSS Portal allows retirees to access the following account information:

• View your monthly pay statement on-line 2 to 3 working days before the actual date of deposit into your bank account or receipt of your check
• View and print your gross monthly payment amount
• View and print the amounts of all deductions from your retirement payment
• View and print the net payment amount that will be direct deposited into your account
• View and print the above information for previous months if needed for income verification
• View and print your annual 1099R forms that are used to file your annual state and federal income tax returns
• Allow instant access to any Retirement Forms you may need
• Even make changes to your Retirement Account online

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