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The CPRB administers 9 different plans:
PERS: Public Employees Retirement System
TRS: Teachers' Retirement System
TDC Plan: Teachers' Defined Contribution System
PLAN A: West Virginia State Police Death, Disability and Retirement Fund
PLAN B: West Virginia State Police Retirement System
DSRS: Deputy Sheriffs' Retirement System
JRS: Judges' Retirement System
EMSRS: Emergency Medical Services Retirement System
MPFRS: Municipal Police and Firefighters Retirement System.
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-Looking for your 1099-R for 2017?
We mailed them at the end of January. You can also get a copy right now through our
Retiree Self-Service website...

-Expecting a first retirement check or a refund?
Click here to see how long it's taking these days...

-Update on our new COMPASS system as of February 16, 2018
Here's what's happening, and how it will help our members…

-Retiree Self Service Available
Online access for current retirees...

-PEIA Insurance Contact Information
Health, Mountaineer Flexible, Minnesota Life...

-CPRB Tip Hotline
If you are aware of cases where a member or an employer is violating the rules...

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